Current Exhibition

Anne CanfieldGregory HayesAubrey LevinthalMelodie Provenzano

january 11 – february 10, 2018

Reception: Thursday, January 11, 2018, 6 – 8 PM



Many artists think about trying something radically new, but hesitate. This exhibition dared four artists who have each mastered artistic methods and processes to try something artistically different, to attempt an unfamiliar technique or a new skill. What will be the outcomes of their risk-taking? Will the results be disappointing, or might they lead to the discovery of new advances in their work? The four artists participating in I Dare! | Dare I? have created a small number of original paintings that reflect experimental thinking and a new process or theme, whether through working on a larger scale, changing a tried-and-true process, tackling a difficult color, or revisiting an old project with fresh eyes. How have these artistic risks affected each artist's thinking in moving forward? What will they—and we—learn from the ways they have pushed beyond their familiar, artistic boundaries?