Holiday POP-UP Exhibit | Gregory Hayes

Nancy Margolis Gallery is pleased to announce a Holiday Pop-Up Exhibit for painter Gregory Hayes! On display in the viewing room are 18 small to medium-sized works by the artist from his Color Array series.

Gregory Hayes sheds light on this singular body of work: "In my Color Array series, I used a predetermined pattern based on the Archimedean spiral combined with the unpredictability of the interaction of my process and the materials used..." He continues, "I lay down drips of paint on pre-drawn 1/4 inch grids. This involves applying paint to the surface of the canvas and allowing it to form natural convex circles. The application process causes there to be multiple colors within each individual drip, and the proportions of the colors change gradually as the process continues." The artist's hand is revealed in the subtle and wavering graphite lines of the grid, which adds a dimension of humanity to an otherwise technical process. Stop by Nancy Margolis Gallery to experience firsthand the visual power of Gregory Hayes's meticulous compositions.

Nancy Margolis