Mini POP-UP Exhibit by Eva Hild


On display in the viewing room at Nancy Margolis Gallery are 4 recent sculptures by Swedish sculptor Eva Hild. Today Hild is considered Sweden's most eminent contemporary sculptor. She has established this reputation through her impressive oeuvre of small, white, clay sculptures, as well as her large, site-specific metal ones. Whatever the scale, Hild's organic structures emote senses of movement, light, and air. Playing with the dualism of negative and positive space, her forms appear delicate and ethereal yet arresting and strong. Her work can be found in public and private collections including the Museum of Art and Design (New York), the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art (Japan), the Museum of Contemporary Ceramics (Shanghai), the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design (Oslo), the National Museum (Stockholm), and the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), among others.

Hild's career in the United States began with her first exhibition at Nancy Margolis Gallery in 2005, followed by exhibitions in 2007, 2010, and 2014. Each successive exhibition showed the potential of this young artist, as predicted by New York Times art critic, Roberta Smith, to become the next art star.

Hild's mini POP-UP exhibit has been tremendously successful.

Nancy Margolis